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Saying that vehicle repairs are costly is redundant. Because when are they ever not costly? No one is ever planning for auto repairs, and no one is ever happy to have to get them.

As a car gets older, the need for repairs only increases, as does the cost of those repairs. Statistics show that the average American household will spend almost 2% of its annual income on car repairs. With that in mind, you want to make sure that you’re taking your car to reliable mechanics. You want your brakes serviced by technicians who aren’t going to overcharge you or intimidate you into signing off on unnecessary repairs.

Finding a reliable auto center can be difficult, but we are confident that if you ask around, the people of Elk Grove will tell you that Performance Auto Center is the go-to choice for transmission repair, engine repair, muffler repair, and more. We’ve developed this reputation by always providing the accurate estimates and quality customer service. We’ll never perform repairs without first informing you of the problem, and you can bet we’ll never take the dishonest route.

The Not-So-Obvious Signs You Need Auto Repairs

A lot of the time it can be very easy to tell when your vehicle needs repairs. Your car might break down while you’re driving, or the ‘check engine’ light might be flashing.

Other times, the signs might not be so obvious. But if you pay close attention to your vehicle’s performance, you can be lucky and catch problems before they become severe. Just ask yourself: Would you rather drop off your vehicle at the shop yourself, or would you rather it be towed there?

Avoid catastrophes such as those by keeping an eye out for these warning signs:

Increased Exhaust Smoke: Has there been a change in emissions? If your car is producing more smoke than usual, that might be a sign your car has a problem. The color of the smoke can even indicate the problem. If the smoke is black, it means your car is burning too much fuel. If it is white, it means that your engine has a coolant leak.

Lower MPGs: Are you finding yourself filling up at the gas pump more often than usual? If so, bring your car by Performance Auto Center for a check-up.

Leaks: Is your car leaking any fluid? Many people will ignore a fluid leak, but we suggest that you deal with any leak immediately. As your car uses many different fluids to operate its various systems, any loss of fluid can diminish your car’s efficiency.

Noises and Smells: Are you beginning to hear strange sounds any time you are driving your vehicle through Elk Grove Village? It is important to have your car checked out any time you detect persistent sounds. Your car could have brake, engine or transmission issues. As for smells, they could mean anything from AC problems, or issues with your clutch.

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