Brake Services in Elk Grove Village

No matter your level of driving experience, it is probably fair to say that every Elk Grove Village driver is aware of the importance of a functioning set of brakes. Without your brakes working to their optimal level, your vehicle shouldn't be on the road. One of the most common concerns that our mechanics at Performance Auto Center hear from Elk Grove Village drivers is that they did not know their brakes were in such bad shape. The reason for this is simple; your brakes are one of the strongest parts of your vehicle. Because of this they will continue to operate even when they are worn down. However, if not diagnosed in time then a small problem could turn into something far more dangerous. Don't take that risk. Make sure you, your family members and others on the road in Elk Grove Village are protected. Have your brakes checked regularly by the premier mechanic service. Call today for our great offers and flexible payment plan options.

The Importance of Your Brakes

Many Elk Grove Village residents use their cars every single day to get to school or work, or to run important errands. And like anything you use every day, it's hard to not take its presence for granted. Most of us don't think about the wonders of toothpaste in the morning—we're just trying to get on with our day, and brushing our teeth is a part of that.

In a similar fashion, it's really easy to overlook the fact that every single day we strap ourselves into metal carriages that take a little bit of gas and, through the magic of modern engineering, propel us great distances to where we need to go.

We know that it's a little philosophical, but the fact is that cars are amazing. And that's part of why we at Performance Auto Center make them the forefront of our livelihoods.

And you know what else is amazing? The fact that through the simple application of the laws of physics, those metal carriages hurtling around our cities at great speed also can come to a stop just as quickly. The brakes of your vehicle are the very complex results of simple principles. And this technology is an elegant answer to a simple problem—you need to stop your car so you don't hit things.

Nothing could be simpler. If you hit things in your car, you could damage yourself, your passengers, your car and your property! Yet so many people overlook brake issues, putting off for tomorrow what should be fixed immediately.

Don't wait for the cheapest place to get brakes done to fall into your lap. If you suspect your vehicle has braking issues, call Performance Auto Center immediately.

Complete Brake Service Repair Team

At Performance Auto Center we are highly aware of the fact that there are many parts that make your brake system work well. However, we also realize that it only takes one of these many pieces of equipment to fail for your whole braking system to be compromised. It is for this reason that our mechanics and brake technicians have the skill, experience and equipment to repair, and if necessary, replace all the brake-related parts. While there are many unique parts that go into making the optimal braking system, here are two that you need to pay special attention to:.

Common Problems With Brake Parts We Fix:

1. Brake Calipers

The brake calipers in your vehicle are a key part of the functioning disc brake system. The importance of the caliper is tied to the fact that once you press on the brake pedal, the brake fluid flows from the mechanical cylinder to the brake calipers. From there, the brake fluid applies pressure on the piston inside the calipers. This leads to a friction between the brake pads and the rotors which ultimately results in the vehicle reducing in speed and stopping.

Any damage to the brake calipers can affect this entire process, leaving your entire braking system compromised. If you notice any problem when pressing the brake pedal then you need to contact Performance Auto Center right away.

2. Brake Rotors

It is always surprising to us when Elk Grove Village drivers are surprised at the importance of brake rotors. These rotors or discs are a crucial part of your vehicle's overall braking system and need to be properly maintained. The rotors in your vehicle are responsible for stopping your wheel from spinning. In reality, brake rotors and pads are extremely interlinked and a fault to one will affect the other greatly.

3. Brake Pads

Brake pads are a crucial part of the brake calipers. Without working brake pads, your car won't stop. Maybe that's not important to you as a driver, but we at Performance Auto Center are willing to bet functional brakes are a high priority!

Brake pads can disintegrate or crack. There are two common problems we see often as Elk Grove Village's premier brake service company:

  1. Overheating. The purpose of the brake pads to your brake is to provide friction as the brake calipers press down on the wheels of your car. When all is working as it should, the brake pads absorb part of the energy from the wheels and calipers. This even distribution puts less stress on your brake system. But when you brake too hard, the large amount of heat produced can start to warp or crack the brake pads. You will hear your brakes grinding if this happens.
  2. Rust. Most brake pads are metallic or semi-metallic. This means that if you exposure the inner workings of your car or truck to too much liquid, your brake pads can rust. This causes structural damage and means your brakes may work poorly.

If you hear your brakes grinding, it's a good indicator something is wrong with your pads. This problem must be handled as soon as possible by a professional!

Thorough Brake Inspections

A professional brake inspection is essential to ensuring a vehicle can safely stop without issue. At Performance Auto Center, one of our expert mechanics will check your entire braking system, including the main components of brake pads, rotors, and brake discs.

If a more in-depth inspection is needed, we also conduct a complete assessment of the following parts using a 23-point inspection test:

  • CV joint boots
  • U-joints
  • Shocks, struts, and steering components
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension
  • Front and rear differential
  • Transfer case
  • ...and more

If you suspect your brakes are on the fritz, don't waste another minute before bringing your vehicle in. We'll inspect them and give you a clear picture of the issue and how to repair it.

Top-Choice Brake Pad Services

Quality brake repair service is what we're known for in Elk Grove Village. From inspections to comprehensive tune-ups, we can transform problematic brakes and reinstate safety in just one service appointment.

We're a team of experienced mechanics who've been providing auto brake service for years and have a professional perspective on the importance of well-operating brakes. When you leave your vehicle with us, you can expect a quick diagnostic, an honest opinion, and a competitive quote. If you're looking for a group of licensed mechanics you can trust for safe brakes, you'll find them working in our shop.

Competitively Priced Brake Services

At Performance Auto Center, we understand that the public consensus is that auto shops are overpriced. While this could be true for some shops, it isn't the case with us.

We recognize that brake repairs are essential to all vehicle drivers, and providing this service promotes collective safety on the road and highways. That's why we do our best to provide our clients with competitively priced service fees.

Moreover, we're always straightforward and transparent, so when you visit us for brake repairs or a replacement, you'll know precisely what you'll be paying before we process your invoice.

Comprehensive Brake Repair Services

Receiving service from us means your vehicle will be repaired in a licensed and fully insured auto shop. Our mechanics have access to state-of-the-art machinery, tools, and computer diagnostics software, helping them conduct comprehensive repairs. We're equipped to handle everything from initial inspections to brake replacement and testing.

Here are some of the more common brake repair services we offer:

  • Resurfacing rotors and drums
  • Bleeding brake lines
  • Brake fluid change
  • Brake pad services
  • ...and more

To learn more about our complete list of services, we welcome you to call the shop or stop by during business hours and chat with one of our technicians.

Speedy Brake Services

We know you don't enjoy waiting idly for your vehicle to be repaired. So why leave your car at an automotive garage with a reputation for being slow? Instead, trust us to take care of your brakes in record time.

With our speedy service, you can take advantage of unrivaled quality work that will make your brakes as safe as they were when first installed. We want to give you the service you deserve, and it starts with our word that we won't take up any more of your time than necessary.

Where Can I Get My Brakes Fixed in Elk Grove Village?

Performance Auto Center offers professional quality brake service at an affordable price. Sure, everyone knows a guy who knows a guy who has a secret low-budget brake operating out of his shed. But when you're looking for quality brake service, there's no other name in Elk Grove Village.