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Reading the owner’s manual and performing the recommended amount of auto maintenance is one of the easiest ways to save money on your vehicle in the long run, but so few Schaumburg residents do it. Why is that? Well, most of us aren’t mechanics, so the thought of opening up the hood and taking a look at our cars’ inner mechanisms is often a daunting task. Most people are worried about messing an important component of their engines up, and so don’t attempt even the most basic car maintenance tasks.

But now, there’s an affordable and reliable option for Schaumburg residents who are looking to maintain their car’s good working condition but don’t know the first thing about engines. Performance Auto Center was founded over 30 years ago, and we’re dedicated to helping Schaumburg residents get the most value out of their beloved cars and trucks.

Here’s an overview of our comprehensive and affordable car maintenance service—available at an auto shop near you!

Our Total Auto Maintenance Package

Any auto shop worth its salt has its own ‘special sauce’ of regular maintenance checklists they perform. Performance Auto Center goes above and beyond a basic inspection. When you call us for car maintenance, we run through all the following steps:


Some auto mechanic shops advertise their ‘comprehensive 200-point diagnostic’ as a selling point. Well, considering the average vehicle engine has about 200 components, that sure sounds like doing the bare minimum. At Performance Auto Center, we perform a full inspection as the starting point, not the end result, of our car maintenance process.

Fluid Check

Antifreeze, wiper fluid, coolant, and brake fluid are all liquids that are crucial to your car’s functioning. We assess each of these and offer replacements if necessary.

Timing Belts and Serpentine Belt Replacements

Your user manual will tell you how often you need these renewed, but every four to six years is a good rule of thumb. Not sure when your timing or serpentine belts were last checked? That’s okay—we’ll provide replacements for a small fee if you need!

Oil Change

Everyone knows the dangers of not changing your car’s oil frequently enough: it places serious strain on your engine and can cause your car to break down years ahead of schedule. But did you know that replacing it too often isn’t great either?

Battery Health Check

Any battery, no matter what type, will cause corrosion and mineral buildup if left to their own devices for long enough. We clean the points of contact and perform a full test to make sure your car’s battery will never strand you in the middle of nowhere!

Cabin and Engine Air Quality Testing

Most people don’t know how crucial it is to regularly test the air quality in their cabin and engine, and how easy and affordable replacing the air filter can be.

Tire Rotation and Alignment

Your tires will loosen over time as they are used. By regularly rotating and aligning them, you’ll get more mileage out of your tires, saving you money in the long run.

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