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Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape with the comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services from Performance Auto Center. We have worked hard over the years to become a trusted local auto shop that can provide a complete range of professional auto services.

We take pride in being certified mechanics with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, so your vehicle is always in good hands when you bring it to us.

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Free Estimates from Trusted Auto Technicians

We are dedicated to being a transparent and dependable source for your auto repair and maintenance needs. We provide upfront estimates on all our services and are more than happy to give our customers an honest and precise outlook of what we expect their work to cost. We truly believe that we offer some of the best pricing in Plainfield and the surrounding areas for the top-quality work that we provide.

Book an Inspection with Our Auto Mechanics

If you suspect a problem with your car, it's important to have it addressed right away. Even minor issues can escalate if they're left unattended and will become more costly to deal with in the long run.

The moment you contact our garage, we will schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience. During this inspection, we will discuss the problems you've been facing and identify what is causing them. With decades of collective experience, it should only take our mechanics a few minutes to sniff out the problem and determine the best course of action.

Most repairs are pretty standard and can be completed with the tools and parts that we keep on hand. If we are required to order parts for your car, your repair may take longer to complete. We will be happy to provide you with a loaner vehicle in the meantime, so you aren't stuck waiting around.

Skilled Car Mechanics

Thanks to our years of experience, numerous certifications, and full range of professional equipment, we can handle almost any auto repair or maintenance task. As passionate auto enthusiasts, our local mechanics get a great sense of satisfaction from helping our clients feel safe behind the wheel.

Some of the services that we are equipped to provide include:

  • Brake service
  • Automotive electrical
  • Exhaust service
  • Oil changes
  • Transmission service
  • Tire rotations and wheel alignments
  • Auto glass work
  • Engine maintenance
  • And much more

The Best Parts for Your Auto Repair

We make sure that we keep quality certified parts in stock for the services that we provide. Our dedication to using parts from trusted manufacturers has helped us maintain a solid track record of success throughout our time in business. Everyone that comes to our shop can expect to receive high-quality repairs that are guaranteed to provide a long-lasting solution to the issue they are having.

Hire an Expert Mechanic

While there are plenty of car owners that like to tinker away at their vehicles, attempting an auto repair with just a how-to page on the internet is a recipe for disaster. Not only could you make matters worse, but you could also put the safety of yourself and your vehicle at risk.

Our experts have the proper equipment and safety protocol to handle your repair, and we really know what we're doing. We will make sure that your repair is completed properly so the issue won't escalate.

Find Great Rates on Auto Repair

At Performance Auto Center, we know that price plays a significant role in the choices made by our clients. We also know that there are many other auto shops in the area to choose from. To stand apart from the competition, our team is very proud to offer transparent and competitive pricing.

If you'd like to learn more about our rates, our team is always happy to chat with you, so don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email today.

Quality Auto Repairs—Without the Wait

If you need a prompt resolution for an issue with your vehicle, then look no further than Performance Auto Center. We always strive for same-day service, which means you are always certain to get our professional work without an excessive turnaround time. That being said, we never let our emphasis on quick service get in the way of our commitment to providing quality work, so you can still count on us for the certified repairs that we are known for.

Meet Our Friendly Mechanics

When you're facing an issue with your vehicle, the last thing you want to deal with is unfriendly personnel. At Performance Auto Center, client care plays a huge role in the work we do, and we always make it a priority. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need, when you need it, all at a great price.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? We're always happy to chat, so reach us today.

Flexible Payment Plans on Auto Service

Not only do we provide budget-friendly solutions for vehicle owners in the area, but we also make sure that financing your repairs and maintenance is a stress-free process. We are proud to accept a variety of payment options as well as straightforward financing plans, so you can keep your car on the road without sacrificing your financial stability.

Trust Our Skilled Auto Mechanics

At Performance Auto Center, we are very proud to host a team of highly trained and professionally experienced mechanics dedicated to offering nothing but the very best auto maintenance and repair services in Plainfield and the surrounding area. When you choose to put your vehicle in the careful hands of our expert team, you are making an excellent choice. Our clients have come to expect a lot from us, and we are used to meeting high expectations. We prioritize client care and communication, so you always know the status of your vehicle and how much you can expect to pay on the final bill.

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Get the work you need at a price that makes sense when you come to Performance Auto Center. We promise to treat your car with the care and attention it deserves and help you keep it in optimal condition. Schedule our services or get an estimate today by calling (847) 891-7787.