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Come to Performance Auto Center's celebrated auto shop right here in Aurora. Our full-service auto shop can handle the entire spectrum of vehicle issues, and we have the best team of mechanics in the local area.

An auto inconvenience can set you back, so make sure you're dealing with a team of experts who can get the job done quickly, no matter the issue.

Get in touch today by calling (847) 891-7787 for any inquiries you may have or stop by our shop.

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Get an Accurate Auto Service Quote

As a team of certified auto experts, we will be able to assess the damage to your vehicle within minutes. When you bring your vehicle to us, we run a thorough diagnostic on the car to see exactly what's wrong. We will then report back to you and keep you in the loop about what is happening with your repairs.

The quote we give you before providing service is sure to be accurate. With years of experience and as much auto repair knowledge as we have, we know what we are doing. Our skills will be reflected in the accuracy of our quotes as it does in our work.

Stop By Our Auto Repair Shop

We are open! If ever you have an auto problem, we are the place to go. We have a shop located here in Aurora and one in Itasca for your convenience. You will be greeted by an extremely clean and welcoming shop full of friendly and professional master mechanics. We provide trusted service for all domestic and foreign vehicles too.

Stopping by one of Performance Auto Center's shops is the best thing you can do with your vehicle when encountering problems.

Honest Auto Mechanics

Looking for a good mechanic can be difficult. Luckily, our stellar local reputation rides on the fact that we provide exceptional results at fair prices. We never unnecessarily overprice our work, not because it keeps our clients coming back, but because you deserve the best service possible if you are spending your hard-earned money with us. We are the local expert mechanic, so you don't have to be. Stop by our shop whenever you need auto service.

Always Competitive Auto Repair Pricing

Providing excellent services at the lowest price possible is what sets us apart from the competition. Our operation has grown to the size it has without up charging our clients, so why would we start now!
Providing the best work for the most competitive prices has always been our cutting edge. So, if you need auto repair – contact us for the best deal in town.

Get Back on the Road Quickly and Safely with Our Auto Service

By the time we hand the keys to you, you can be confident that your vehicle is safe to drive. No vehicle repair is finished until we complete a full walk-around inspection of the vehicle. We have a detailed checklist that we follow to ensure the utmost safety of every vehicle that leaves our shop and heads back on the roads.

Aurora's Auto Experts

Are you searching for an experienced, reliable auto service company in the Aurora area?

Whether you need repair or maintenance, Performance Auto Center offers you the services you need. Our certified mechanics have the experience to address—and uncover—all your auto-related issues. From brake services to air conditioning repair and cooling system maintenance, we do it all.

Our certified and attentive mechanics work with great care to provide you with the services you need. We serve vehicles of all varieties—from American-made automobiles to commercial fleets. There is really no limit to our capabilities.

Would you like to learn more about our services? If so, contact us at (847) 891-7787 today.

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Take Pride in Your Ride

Being motorists ourselves, we know just how important vehicles are to the lives of you and all our valued clients. When you think about how vital these machines are to our everyday lives, it only makes sense to treat your vehicle to the services of unparalleled professionals such as us.

Some of the services we provide local motorists include:

  • Wheel alignments
  • Battery and electrical system maintenance
  • Computerized diagnostics
  • Radiator repairs
  • Tire rotation
  • Brake services
  • Fuel system maintenance
  • Engine tune-ups
  • And more

With our full suite of services, you will never have to take your vehicle to anyone else. You won't have to test out other mechanics or seek out the recommendations of colleagues. Instead, all you've all have to do is schedule an appointment with the team you already trust.

With committed mechanics overseeing the maintenance of your vehicle, you will get the peace of mind that comes with consistent service.

Qualified Mechanics At Your Service

Our highly qualified team of mechanics works with diligence and precision to provide exceptional services to each client. We serve an extremely large range of vehicle makes and models, including trucks.

Our team is the only automotive crew you need in your address book. We have the skills and experience (and 25+ years of it) to service both foreign and domestic cars.

That's not all. Our mechanics don't just boast the talent to service your car—our shop boasts the equipment. Over the years, we've considered our garage as an investment. We've poured money into acquiring the best diagnostic software, the top of the line tools, and the highest-rated products. Without exaggeration, our mechanics have everything they need at their fingertips to whip your car into peak performance.

For outstanding services at affordable rates, look no further than Performance Auto Center.

Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Six Master Mechanics on Hand

What sets us apart as an auto shop? In business now for over 30 years, we know the quality of our services is only as good as the quality of our staff. Above all, we know that to deliver a better service, we need to invest in the people we hire.

That's why we're proud to employ six ASE-certified Master Technicians among our staff. All our mechanics are certified by ASE, possessing the experience and certification to carry out their work with the highest of industry standards. But only a select few can become certified Masters. Each of them has undergone rigorous training and testing to make them experts in their field, leaders in the industry. They're there to oversee all our work and to ensure it meets their exceptional expectations. Their expertise helps us be the best at what we do. With their prudence and diligence, it's no wonder we've become the Aurora area's premier choice for auto services.

Upfront Quotes on Auto Services

When you drive up to our lot, you can rest easy knowing a catch-free transaction awaits. We don't trick our clients into overinflated charges or additional fees—quite the opposite. We give every customer an upfront, accurate quote of the prospective work.

That's right. With no strings attached, we'll inspect your vehicle and report our findings back to you. We'll break down the what, how, and when of our recommended service in plain English. From there, you can decide if you want us to move forward with the job or bring your car somewhere else.

Discover the auto service provider who values transparency. Request your non-committal estimate today.

Auto Repairs Priced with You in Mind

Cars are a big investment. There is no shortage of expenses that comes with owning or leasing even the finest working vehicle. In the interest of alleviating the burden that comes with car ownership, we take a dual approach to the repair process.

For starters, we make sure to only conduct long-lasting and cost-effective repairs. When you invest in repair and maintenance services that stand the test of time, you don't just save money today—you save money for months to come.

Secondly, we price our services with our clients in mind. As community-minded business operators, we want everyone to reap the benefits of our services. The more vehicles we repair, the fewer frustrating vehicles find their way onto the road. In the end, everybody benefits.

We meet the local demand for a fair and affordable auto service. Taking a streamlined approach, we're able to perform our work quickly and efficiently to drive down our costs, helping our clients save money in the process. We don't cut corners. Instead, we cut our overhead, maintaining a lean business model to maximize efficiency. That way, we can keep offering the same high-quality workmanship for which we're known, all while keeping our prices to a minimum. Quality work, speedy service, fair prices: With Performance Auto Center, you have all three.

Fast Turnarounds for Auto Maintenance

We pride ourselves on our ability to address the concerns of our clients in a swift and efficient manner. Our quick turnarounds are just one of the ways we ensure customer satisfaction.

We make sure routine inspections feel as routine as they should. We understand how pressed for time motorists are, and we know how important vehicles are to your daily lives. For these reasons and more, we never keep a vehicle out of commission longer than necessary. We will conduct all inspections and maintenance services quickly without cutting corners or omitting essential steps.

Whether you require an engine tune-up, tire rotations, or wheel alignment, we can help you—and help you fast. Prompt, efficient, experienced: Consider us the go-to choice for all your auto needs.

Automotive Parts and Accessories

Whether you need a new battery or fresh brake pads, you can lock in the best-value purchase at our shop. We partner with reputable suppliers to source quality, certified car parts. Plus, we always have an impressive inventory of products ready to go in-shop. That means that with us, you won't get stuck waiting for a shipment to arrive. With two different locations, we can have the part you need in your mechanic's hands within 30 minutes.

What's more, thanks to our longstanding distributor connections, we secure a bottom-line price tag every time. Our price points beat the market consistently, and your replacement auto part won't be any different.

Dependable, Full-Service Auto Repair and Maintenance

Grinding brakes and sputtering transmission spells trouble both for your car and your ability to enjoy a stress-free week. So when you start noticing troublesome signs coming from your personal or commercial vehicle, it's time to take action fast, and that means finding the nearest auto mechanic shop that provides the best service.

Performance Auto Center has over 25 years providing high-quality auto service to Aurora vehicle owners. We specialize in helping commercial fleets get back to operation in record time, but the fact of the matter is that we can handle any auto repair problem, big or small. From semi truck repair to emergency brake service, we do it all—at a price that's right!

Preventative Auto Maintenance

As experienced mechanics, we offer a complete range of preventative maintenance services that not only keep your car running, but also extend its lifespan. We combine cutting-edge diagnostic technology with time-tested investigative techniques to provide the most thoroughgoing inspections available.

By checking every element of your vehicle's automotive system, we're able to provide a complete breakdown of your car's performance. We examine all components, from the brakes to the fuel system, to ensure everything is built to last. We can then use our findings to predict potential problems and prevent them from occurring. For total peace of mind, our auto maintenance services are the only way to go. Contact us to see for yourself—and experience what a difference our mechanical magic can make.

Auto Services in Aurora

You depend on your vehicle each day to safely and reliably take you from point A to point B.

Preventative servicing and maintenance are the keys to good vehicle performance for many years. Regardless, at some point repairs are necessary for a car owner.

You can depend on the expert technicians at Performance Auto Center for efficient, complete car servicing. We have experience working with all major makes. If you require new parts, we can quickly order in certified equipment.

We offer Aurora clients any mechanical services required, including engine tune-up and maintenance, transmission services, tire pressure and rotation, windshield and auto glass repair and replacement, batteries and electrical, A/C repairs, and more.

Our garage facility is fully equipped and has the capacity to have your vehicle in and out in no time.

You'll appreciate the expertise of our staff and technicians, who are expertly familiar with all aspects of your vehicle.

Performance Auto Center is also pleased to provide our auto maintenance services at extremely competitive rates, and also provide free quotes.

For a full range of reliable car maintenance and repair services, look no further than Performance Auto Center. If your car needs it, we provide it!

Commercial Truck Repair Near Me

In addition to our full range of services for car owners, Performance Auto Center also has the resources and experience to provide truck repair services.

Travelling long distances and adhering to tight schedules, professional truck drivers rely on their vehicles more than anyone else. Performance Auto Center specializes in commercial truck maintenance as well as cars. Whether your truck needs a simple inspection, or a full engine rebuild, we provide the services you need.

Commercial trucking business owners have it rough. You have demanding clients who want their products on time and in perfect condition, with the often-messy realities of long-distance transportation. And that's nothing to say of the problem of attracting good and honest talent!

So when things go wrong and your fleet begins to break down, the one thing you can rely on is Performance Auto Center. We specialize in semi truck repair and maintenance and have two dedicated locations to serve Aurora business owners. Whether you have three vehicles that need repair or 30, we get your trucks back on the road the same day. That's a lifesaver for your reputation and your wallet!

If your business has several trucks, we also offer fleet maintenance services. We can provide all your business cars or trucks with a high level of workmanship and servicing. Read more about our fleet services below.

Expert Fleet Service

Need your commercial fleet serviced? Performance Auto Center has you covered. We provide comprehensive service solutions to keep your vehicles in top running condition. We take a 360-degree approach to provide complete coverage for you and your fleet. That way, your teams can stay on the road—and you can stay profitable.

Our skill and experience mean we can service just about any fleet. Delivery trucks, 18-wheelers, and limousines are just a few of the specialty vehicles we maintain. Whether you run a cab company, a trucking company, or a nationwide courier service, you can count on us for all your fleet maintenance needs.

Industries Served:

  • Trucking and shipments
  • Courier and delivery
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Pest control
  • Public services
  • Construction
  • ...and more

Whether your fleet is big or small, one thing rings true: our team will find the best-value maintenance plan for you.

The Best Auto Repair Shops in My Area

You don't need to be a business owner in Aurora to be inconvenienced by a mechanical problem. From picking up the kids after ballet to running errands and carrying groceries around Aurora, most of us rely on our cars and trucks to make our everyday lives work. And so, when disaster strikes, most of us feel powerless when our vehicles need to be taken in for repair.

Performance Auto Center has an expert team large enough to provide same-day service for most of our customers. You shouldn't have to choose between functioning brakes and making that doctor's appointment halfway across town.

So don't.

Save the number for both our Aurora and Plainfield locations and you'll have swift access to the best auto repair shops in your area right at your fingertips. That's an easy way to save yourself time and money the next time disaster strikes. Or, if you're the sort who likes to prevent disaster striking, you can even sign up for regular auto maintenance to keep your trusty car in the best shape it can be.

Convenient Payment Options

With your convenience at the forefront of our minds, we've made even the process of paying your invoice simple. We're pleased to accept most payment forms, including cash, check, and all major credit cards.

What's more, we offer our very own in-house payment program, called Fix it Now, Pay Later. To learn more about our partnership with Synchrony bank and this exclusive 6-month, interest-free offer, drop us a line.

Our Aurora Auto Center

Performance Auto Center is proud to have a large, fully equipped facility in Aurora.

Our location means quick mechanic turnaround times and usually means same-day services. The size of our facility and staff means that we can provide a high standard of service to multiple vehicles at once.

At Performance Auto Center, we can have any manufacturer's parts ordered and shipped directly to our location.

Auto repair, truck repair, and even fleet repair are no challenge to us. We're committed to offering the same workmanship to each client, and we believe our work speaks for itself.

To learn more about our range of services, or to schedule a consultation or check-up, contact Performance Auto Center today. One of our staff members would be glad to assist you!

Five-Star Auto Shop

We don't take our reputation for granted. For 25+ years, we've built our auto shop into a household name. We've gained lifelong clients with first-rate client care and high-caliber craftsmanship. With every passing year, our reputation grows, and we're intent on protecting that reputation with five-star service. If you're a client of ours, you're a VIP. You can expect all the trappings of a world-class auto experience from us, including:

  • Prompt responses
  • Flexible booking options
  • Upfront quotes
  • Competitive rates
  • Same-day repairs
  • Master, ASE-certified mechanics
  • Manufacturer-approved car parts
  • Convenient payment options

Want a third-party point of view? No problem. Head over to our testimonial page to read about the positive experiences our past clients have had.

Top-Tier Car Inspections

If it's been a while since you've thought about car inspections, you might want to consider checking to make sure you're still in compliance with state law. Our goal is to keep you safe by catching any issues with your vehicle in advance of them becoming larger and potentially more dangerous problems. We specialize in inspecting cars of all makes and models.

Let us help you keep your vehicle in top condition by scheduling your inspection services with our licensed pros. Phone our team to book your appointment.

Affordable Car Repair

From front to back and top to bottom, we are experts in providing budget-friendly car repair, with some of our region's best turnaround time availabilities. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, our seasoned mechanics are always ready to perform thorough diagnostics and long-lasting repairs that will keep your investment firmly on the road for much longer.

Some of our most requested repair services include:

No Nonsense Brake Repair

When the breaks on your vehicle let go, it can be a scary feeling. Once you've navigated your way to safety, we encourage you to phone our brake repair professionals for a cost-effective quote. We stock replacement breaks and parts for vehicles of all types and will perform your repair work as quickly as lightning to ensure you're back in the driver's seat in no time at all.

Phone a brake specialist who puts your needs first. Speak to us today for a risk-free estimate.

Unbeatable Tire Service

Rain, sun, sleet, or snow, you depend on your tires to carry you through it all. That's why we recommend partnering with tire services pros who put your best interests first. Whether you need new tires for winter or would like to have your summer tires placed back on your rims for the season, we're the experts who keep your car safely in motion at the best pricing. Get in touch to request an estimate at zero-risk to you.

Quick Car Alignments

If you find your vehicle is pulling to the left or right when you drive, a problem with your car's alignment could be the culprit. Reach out to our expert diagnosticians for a transparent estimate on long-lasting repairs.

Quick Muffler Repair

Like we said above, it's critical to keep your muffler in top shape to avoid polluting the environment and exposing yourself and your passengers to potential health risks. If you suspect your muffler could use a tune-up, allow us to investigate. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the region. Book an appointment to nip the problem in the bud fast.

Speedy Car-Battery Replacements

If having to get a boost from a friend, neighbor, coworker, or stranger in a parking lot is not your cup of tea, it might be time to consider a car battery replacement. Get in touch with us to explore affordable options.

Windshield Replacement

Having a clear and durable windshield is crucial on the road. If you’ve noticed cracks or chips in your windshield that are compromising your vision and safety, we encourage you to bring your car to our auto shop. Our auto glass experts will assess the damage to confirm that a replacement is necessary and then provide you with a high-quality new windshield installed perfectly.

Transmission Repair

Our mechanics can provide a wide range of transmission services, including rebuilds, replacements, fluid changes, and flushes. If you’re experiencing any issues with your transmission, we’ll be able to pinpoint the problem and provide you with the service your vehicle requires at a fair price. We perform auto repairs for older transmissions and modern electrical transmissions, so you have nothing to worry about when you bring your vehicle to us.

Engine Repairs and Tune-Ups

As you’re probably aware, the engine is the driving force behind your vehicle. Without a functional engine, it’s safe to say that you won’t be going anywhere quickly. That said, there are also many issues your engine might have that you may not notice right away.

If you want to ensure that your engine is performing at its peak, we recommend bringing it to our car servicing specialists. Not only can we complete any necessary repairs, but we can also provide your engine with a tune-up that will help improve its lifespan and performance.

Air Conditioning Repairs

When the warm weather arrives, you want to ensure that your vehicle is ready to beat the heat. Driving around in the sweltering heat is unpleasant, which is why Performance Auto Center is pleased to offer professional repairs for automotive air conditioning systems. Our technicians will ensure your AC is working efficiently and providing your vehicle cabin with a steady supply of cool air.

Auto Maintenance Services

By taking your vehicle to our auto center for regular maintenance checks, you can prevent more costly repairs that result from wear and tear. We perform regular maintenance checks that allow you to drive away with confidence, knowing your vehicle is operating safely. We’re honored to have many motorists rely on our maintenance packages to keep their vehicles in top condition, and we would love to show you the benefits of our services.

Services for Diesel Vehicles

Regular fuel cars aren’t the only type of vehicle we specialize in. If you have a diesel truck or work vehicle that needs servicing, we’re a valuable resource. We have the tools, training, and facility to accommodate diesel vehicles, so you’ll never have to pass up productivity because of a broken-down truck. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the vehicles we can service.

Computerized Diagnostics

We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to our auto repairs. Our auto shop has invested in some of the best diagnostic technology for modern vehicles. We guarantee we’ll be able to provide you with an honest overview of the status of your vehicle so that you can make an informed decision regarding your repairs and maintenance.

Book Auto Service Online

While we are always available to take your calls and address your concerns by phone or email, we've made it easier for you to connect with us by offering the option to book auto service online. Just surf back to our homepage and use the booking features there to schedule your appointment hassle-free.

The Performance Auto Center Difference

What sets us apart from our competitors or even just the other local auto repair shops in your area is our unflinching dedication to high-quality customer service. Both of our locations are owner-operated, meaning that you're always dealing with a friendly face. We take a personal interest in helping our clients with every mechanical problem they have, whether they have two cars or 20!

If you want to learn more about what makes Performance Auto Center the best auto service company in all of Aurora, give us a call for a free estimate!