Brake Services in Plainfield

Whenever the safe and cautious drivers of Plainfield, IL experience problems with their brakes, the first thought that runs through their head is that they need to get their brakes serviced immediately.

Soon after comes the second thought. They think, “Where can I find a mechanic in Plainfield that is trustworthy?”

Performance Auto Center has worked hard to make sure we’re the first auto center that comes to mind when people need their brakes professionally serviced. Our approach is full-service, our inspections are honest, and our pricing is unbeatable.

What’s the benefit of a full-service approach? Well, here is a scenario:

Your vehicle has a host of problems, several of which are unknown to you. You bring your vehicle to Performance Auto Center because you feel an intense grinding-like sensation in your steering wheel as you’re driving. After our thorough inspection, we discover that was the grinding steering wheel was only a symptom of a more severe problem. Your brake pads, it turns out, are badly glazed.

We worked hard to build our reputation, but now that we’re considered the best we work even harder to remain the best. If your brakes are in need of attention, please visit the mechanics at Performance Auto Center today.

Do Your Brakes Need to Be Serviced?

First off, let us just say: If your brakes aren’t working perfectly, you need to visit a brake repair specialist. There is only one way your brakes should be working, and if they’re not working as well as they should you are only putting yourself and others at risk. Never let someone tell you that you’re overreacting because you are being proactive with your vehicle.

That said, not everyone is attuned to their vehicle the way a mechanic is. It can be difficult to spot early warning signs or minor brake issues. Performance Auto Center understands this. That said, there are a few things that you can watch out for while you’re driving through the Plainfield area:

Screeching or Grinding Brakes: If you hear your brakes screeching or feel your brakes grinding, you should take your vehicle to Performance Auto Center as soon as possible. Not to sound alarmist, but these signs indicate that your brake pads have worn themselves down or even cracked and are now applying intense friction to your brake rotors.

Fluid Leaking From Car: While some fluid loss is normal for a vehicle, there are certain kinds of fluid leaks that are troublesome. If your vehicle is leaking a yellowish fluid, you know you have a problem. That yellow fluid is your car’s brake fluid. You shouldn’t even attempt to drive your car is it is leaking brake fluid. Thankfully, a leak from your vehicle can be noticed when your vehicle is parked.

Car Accelerates Slowly: If your car feels like it is dragging as you begin to accelerate, it could be a sign that your emergency brake has seized. Sometimes this happens because the brake fluid in your vehicle has frozen.

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