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Performance Auto Center is Naperville's premier car maintenance. Since 1989, we've built a strong reputation based on three things: quality workmanship, fast servicing, and a commitment to our customers. Unrivaled in our skill, unmatched in our expertise, and unparalleled in our customer service, we're the top choice for all auto maintenance services in the local area. We're keeping Naperville on the road, one job at a time.

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State-Of-The-Art Auto Maintenance Inspections

At Performance Auto Center, we like to put our best foot forward. Part of that commitment is having a friendly team of customer-oriented professionals—but the other part is providing the most advanced inspection services available.

Our inspections are fast, accurate, and incredibly comprehensive. Using the latest computerized diagnostics, we're able to provide an immediate overview of your car's performance. All our software is up to the latest OEM standards, in turn ensuring that all information is precise and correct.

The Best ASE-Certified Technicians Available

Of course, we understand that no robot can replace a skilled expert. While our automated diagnostics speed up our services, we don't rely on them. Instead, we depend on the knowledge and talent of our ASE-certified technicians, who verify our diagnostics and double-check for any undetected issues. We're also proud to have six Master technicians among our staff. They're there to oversee all our workmanship and to ensure it's up to their impressively high standards.

Affordable Prices for All Auto Services

Once we've inspected your vehicle, one of our technicians will discuss any issues they've found and explain to you what we can do to fix them. We'll give you a clear deadline for when you'll be able to pick up your vehicle, and we'll also provide a transparent cost estimate. Our prices for our services are fair and incredibly affordable. We keep a low overhead for our shop, which helps minimize your costs and make our services more cost-effective.

For the best value in town, we're the only shop you need to remember.

Fast and Professional Car Servicing

Thanks to the skill of our technicians, we boast exceptionally quick turnaround times for our car services. Their years of experience allow them to work more efficiently, minimizing your downtime so that you get back behind the wheel sooner.

We work fast, but that doesn't mean we take shortcuts. Each of our technicians follows a meticulous quality-control process to verify that their work is flawless. And because we know we do a good job, we're also happy to provide extended warranties on our services.

What sets us apart from the competition? Fast services and quality workmanship—all backed by a guarantee.

Scheduled Car Maintenance

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Whether you need a tune-up, need to pass a fuel emissions test, or are experiencing mechanical trouble, you'll find no better choice than Performance Auto Center. We're the solution to all your automotive problems.

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