Transmission Repair in Elk Grove Village

Performance Auto Center is a household-name auto shop in the area, boasting 25+ years of experience working with transmissions. We service all makes and models of vehicles, and we offer all clients a first-rate customer experience.

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A Local Transmission Shop

Performance Auto Center has been repairing transmissions for all types of vehicles in downtown Elk Grove Village for years. Our team of skilled vehicle repair technicians has over half a century of combined experience under their belts. They possess an unrivalled knowledge in transmission diagnosis, repair and rebuilds. What's more, our use of the most cutting-edge and advanced equipment means that not only will we return your vehicle's transmission to its very best, but we will be able to do so in a manner that will be cost- and time-effective. If you notice something wrong with your transmission but can't quite put your finger on it then contact the experts you can trust.

If you encounter transmission trouble, count on us to find a cost-effective solution in a flash. We work with speed and efficiency to get your transmission fixed as quickly as possible. Our years of experience help us streamline the job to minimize hiccups and speed up our turnarounds. At our shop, we have all the tools and equipment to repair your transmission completely. With everything you need and more, Performance Auto Center is the go-to choice for local transmission repair. See for yourself all we can do for you—and get in touch to book a repair today.

As a client, you can expect:

  • Fast service
  • Friendly, honest advice
  • Upfront quotes
  • Transparent rates
  • Professional expertise
  • Quality guaranteed
  • be left 100% satisfied

All Types of Transmission Repair

Irrespective of whether you drive a vehicle with standard manual transmission, an automatic, transfer case, differential or a 4X4 system, we have the skills to help. Our professionally trained team can diagnose and repair any type of transmission related issue and have you back on the road in no time at all.

Our mechanics are ASE-certified master technicians with experience troubleshooting both foreign and domestic vehicles. From minor tune-ups to major rebuilds, we're the trusted transmission team in town.

We can help with:

  • Transmission resealing
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • In-car repairs
  • Clutch repairs
  • Solenoid repairs
  • ...and more

We service all types of vehicles and transmissions. Thanks to our years of experience, we make quick work of even the most complicated transmission problems, including total overhauls. Whatever is wrong with your transmission, you can trust us to fix it fast and at a fair price.

Check out our testimonial page to read some of the positive reviews left behind by our clients.

Get a Non-Committal Transmission Repair Quote

We don't expect our customers to take us at our word—we intend to prove to every motorist that drives on our lot why we're the only auto shop they need to know. We offer all prospective customers non-committal quotes on transmission services. That way, you can see what your final invoice will look like from the beginning.

Bring your car into our garage, and our ASE-certified mechanics, with your permission, will take a look under the hood. Assisted by state-of-the-art computer diagnostic software, we'll run through a comprehensive multi-point inspection to get to the bottom of the issue. Once we've assessed the damage, we'll recommend a service to get it back up and running. Plus, we'll lay out all our material and labor charges candidly for you to consider.

Our mechanics stand out from the rest—we do our utmost to secure the best value transmission service, starting with a complimentary quote.

Local Transmission Repair Done by the Masters

Transmission repair takes years of experience, training, and mastery of one's craft. It's not something just any mechanic can perform—it demands a specialist.

Performance Auto Center is proud to be that specialist. We boast decades of combined experience in transmission repair, and we continually invest in the latest tools and systems to stay on the cutting edge of our field. We're also proud to boast six ASE-Certified Master Technicians. Each of them carries a range of qualifications that make them bona fide master mechanics, allowing them to complete all types of transmission work with ease and efficiency. They're there to oversee all our work, and to ensure it meets the highest standards in the industry. For quality transmission repair, don't settle for seconds. Choose the best in the business. Choose the master technicians. Choose Performance Auto Center.

Speedy Transmission Repair

The transmission is an intricate piece of machinery made up of many different parts that work in tandem. Due to its complex inner workings, a standard repair can take anywhere from one to three days in-shop. For instance, if our mechanics don't have to remove the transmission from the vehicle's chassis, repairs are lightning-quick, and we often complete them same-day. On the other hand, a full rebuild is by nature a laborious and intensive task. It may take a few days in-house to give your transmission the reboot it needs.

Whatever the task ahead of us, we pledge a speedy result. We understand that you depend on your car—so we do our part to make sure you don't have to do without it any longer than necessary. We work hard to deliver the results you need in the quick time you want. It's what makes us such a trusted name in our industry—and Elk Grove Village's leading transmission repair shop.

Common Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can present themselves in a wide variety of ways. Here are three of the most common:

  1. Clutch
    If your clutch jams then this can be very problematic. A jammed clutch can result in the amount of solenoid in your clutch becoming locked resulting in the amount of transmission fluid in the torque converter being miscalculated.
  2. Fluid Leaks
    If your vehicle's transmission slips, you may have a fluid leak. Fluid leaks can be caused by many things, but they're primarily due to a gap somewhere in your transmission. It could be a gap in your gasket, torque, fluid lines, transmission pan, or the seals. Whatever the source, we'll help you out by locating the issue and sealing it up.
  3. Solenoid
    If your transmission is slipping but you cannot detect any leaks then chances are there is an issue with the solenoid. This can occur because of insufficient fluid levels and other electronic problems. They need to be addressed quickly to ensure the problem doesn't worsen.
  4. Torque Converter
    If the needle bearings in your torque converter become damaged then you will most likely hear some very strange noises coming from your transmission when you change gears. It is very important that this problem is addressed immediately.

Not sure what these technical terms mean? No problem. Keep an eye out for these everyday consequences of transmission failure:

  • Your check engine light is on
  • You notice strange odors around the car's hood or underbody
  • Your car stalls when you press the gas pedal
  • You detect fluid stains underneath your car
  • Your shift handle gets stuck often
  • Your car struggles when in reverse
  • Your car moves when in park or neutral

If you notice any of these symptoms occurring in your vehicle, book an inspection with our crew right away. We'll make sure to perform a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to get to the bottom of the problem. We can then give you an upfront, no-obligation quote for any necessary repairs. That way, you'll know precisely what to expect from our services.

Best-in-Class Transmission Services

Performance Auto Center is at your service for professional, speedy, and economical transmission services. Our ASE-certified master technicians perform a full scope of transmission repair and rebuilds on all makes and models of cars. Tested, trusted, experienced—we've helped countless drivers get back on the road with our professional transmission repair services. We know we can help you too.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about our transmission services and what we can do for you. Contact us, and we'll give you all the information you need to feel safe in our hands—and to see why we're your top choice for local transmission repair.

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