Engine Repair in Plainfield

Engine repairs can be expensive. It doesn’t matter whether you have a petrol or a diesel engine in your vehicle, a repair job or an engine replacement is going to cost you a pretty penny. This can deter some people from getting their vehicle serviced, and that only causes more problems down the road.

What else can deter the people of Plainfield from getting their V-style engine or Inline engine repaired? They don’t know where to go. There are many mechanics in the Plainfield area, but which mechanic is the best?

To a car owner looking for a good mechanic, ‘best’ is synonymous with ‘trustworthy’. If your auto service center is trustworthy, then you know you’re getting good service. They won’t cheat you, they won’t hide costs or fees until the last minute, and they’ll keep you in the loop.

Don’t have money to repair every problem a trustworthy mechanic discovers? They’ll tell you what problems your vehicle has, and they’ll tell you which of these problems needs the most immediate attention.

Engine Repair Shops Near Me

If you ask vehicle owners in the Plainfield area who performs the best engine repairs, they’ll tell you that Performance Auto Center is the best. We’ve worked hard to rise the ranks, and we’ve done so by painstakingly earning the trust of all our clients.

Five Signs That You Need Engine Repair

Not every person on the road is a mechanic. It can be hard to identify car trouble if you aren’t a trained auto repairman. If you come into our shop and your car has some glaring problems, we won’t give you a hard time for not noticing them sooner.

To make life a little easier for you, we’ve decided to give you some tips on how to identify engine troubles. If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact Performance Auto Center immediately. Catching problems in their early stages can be the difference between engine repair and engine replacement.

  1. An Excess of Exhaust Smoke: We all know what this looks like. Luckily it is a problem that is hard to miss. If your vehicle is producing a lot of black or blue smoke, it might mean that there is an oil leak in your engine.
  2. Low Fuel Efficiency: Are you getting fewer miles per gallon from your vehicle? This could mean that your engine is using more fuel than normal to operate because it is experiencing a problem.
  3. Loud Knocking Noises: Is there loud noise coming from under your car’s hood? This usually means that your engine’s bearings have worn out.
  4. Less Power Than Usual: Is your car no longer capable of reaching its usual speed? Your engine could be to blame.
  5. Your Car’s Engine Light is Flashing: If your car is telling you to check the engine, do what it says!

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