Truck Maintenance in Itasca

When truck drivers in the Itasca area need prompt, reliable servicing and repairs, they trust the experts at Performance Auto Center.

We are a team of highly qualified mechanical professionals dedicated to the highest standard of vehicle maintenance services. In our fully-equipped facility, we provide rapid turnaround rates, quality certified parts, and exceptional attention to detail. We're pleased to offer competitive pricing and free estimates for our truck servicing.

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Dependable, Full-Service Truck Repair and Servicing

Commercial truck owners depend on their vehicles at all times. Across long distances and high amounts of driving, you need to be certain that your truck is well maintained and ready to perform adequately. Time spent off the road is more than just inconvenient— it can result in significant income loss within your trucking industry.

Whether you require minor repairs, or a complete engine rebuild, we can service your truck. We have a complete supply of welding and fabrication equipment. We can repair your commercial truck's frame, body, springs, front and rear suspensions, and more.

Specializing in both gas and diesel, we offer commercial truck services as well as fleet services. We are expertly familiar with all makes of trucks and can provide a full range of repairs to any of your truck's systems or components.

Our Truck Mechanics Are Fast and Meticulous

Fortunately, we specialize in rapid and meticulous servicing and maintenance of your truck. Our large staff and expansive facility mean that we can service multiple vehicles quickly at once. If replacements are necessary, we can promptly ship in certified parts to be installed immediately.

To schedule a mechanical check-up for your truck, consult the experts at Performance Auto Center today!

Extensive Range of Repair or Replacement Services for Your Truck or Fleet

As Itasca's leading truck servicing company, we have the resources and abilities to perform any required truck service. Our truck mechanics have significant experience working on both gas and diesel truck engines. We can perform small engine repairs as well as full upgrades.

We can repair or replace any electrical component of your truck, including alternators, starters, batteries, lighting systems, and more. We can assess and repair your heating or AC unit and fuel delivery system.

Whether you require immediate work or simple preventative maintenance, the truck specialists at Performance Auto Center are ready to serve.

Trust the Truck Mechanic Specialists at Performance Auto Center

For all your truck maintenance needs, you can entrust our proven expertise. With our extensive experience serving all types of trucks, inventory of parts, and prompt response rates, we'll have you and your cargo back on the road in no time.

We understand better than any other truck mechanic the importance of reliable vehicles in the trucking industry. For this reason, our facility performs any and all services a truck owner could require.

When you require the most dependable truck services, contact (847) 891-7787!