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Emissions failure Repair and exhaust Repair Schaumburg, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Naperville, Plainfield And Aurora

Emissions Failure Repairs and Exhaust Service

The team of professionals at Performance Auto Center offers the best emissions failure repairs and exhaust services in the area. If you suspect damage, don’t wait around. To get in touch with us, call (847) 891-7787 today.


Your Emissions Experts

If you have been ignoring that pesky check engine or check oil light for far too long, it may be time to book an appointment with our emissions failure repair experts.

Your exhaust system plays a vital role in the overall function of your vehicle. Issues left unattended can put the mechanics of your car and its passengers at risk. If you suspect an issue with your vehicle’s emission or exhaust system, don’t let it put you at a disadvantage. Enlist the help of Performance Auto Center experts today when you call (847) 891-7787.

Signs of a Failed Emissions System

If you are experiencing any of the issues below, you should bring your vehicle in for an inspection right away. A few warning signs to look out for are:

  • Strange noises or odors coming from your engine
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel, gas pedal, and drivers’ seat
  • Problems with the muffler
  • Rough idle
  • Oil light or check engine light is on

Inspecting Your Exhaust System

When you get in touch with us, we will set you up with an appointment right away. Our experienced technicians will take the time to inspect your exhaust system and diagnose the issue at hand. Once we gain an understanding of the problem, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of the repair.

Identifying Exhaust and Emissions Problems

Over the course of ownership, most drivers will have to take their vehicle to a technician for an emissions test. We will perform a full diagnostic test of your vehicle to identify any flaws or malfunctions with your emissions system.

Our certified technicians will identify if the problem is related to:

  • Compromised or missing catalytic converter
  • Excess hydrocarbon or oxides in the exhaust emissions

While many exhaust issues can be alleviated with a simple oil change, others may require more specialized servicing.

No matter the extent of the problem, Performance Auto Center can bring you comprehensive repair services.

Fast and Effective Emissions Failure Repairs

As vehicle owners, we know how inconvenient it can be to go without your car. At Performance Auto Center, we are committed to restoring your vehicle’s performance, saving you on fuel expenses, and protecting the health of you and your passengers from noxious emitted gases. We will complete the repair service as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the repair.

Our goal is to deliver emissions repairs that elongate the lifespan of your vehicle while ensuring safe and comfortable driving.

Stay on Top of Your Vehicle Emissions without Breaking the Bank

Keeping your vehicle safe and functioning properly is our top priority. One of the ways we demonstrate this is by offering our top-notch inspections and exhaust repair at affordable rates. Over the years, we have established a loyal client base and a reputation as an auto repair company with the utmost integrity. How did we achieve this? We always provide honest diagnostics and upfront pricing without any surprise fees. When you bring your vehicle into one of our shops, you can always count on receiving the work you need at a price you love.

Complete Exhaust Repairs—Guaranteed

One thing that separates us from the pack is our service guarantee. When you bring your vehicle into one of our locations, we will make sure your exhaust is functioning properly and safely—or the service is free. We built our business on the promise to provide all of our clients with the best auto repairs around, so if we cannot fix it, you don't pay. If you suspect your car might not be expelling emissions properly, put your concerns to rest with our guaranteed service.

Free Estimates on Exhaust Repair

We strive to provide our valuable customers with the most comprehensive auto mechanic service around. This starts with our commitment to providing accurate and obligation-free estimates on all of our repairs. All of our qualified mechanics will be happy to address all of your questions and concerns. We can provide an accurate emissions test and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about repairing your exhaust.

Dependable Repairs with Top-Quality Parts

When you bring your vehicle into one of our locations, not only will you receive skillful repairs, but they will also be completed with high-quality equipment. From the tools we use to the parts we install in your vehicle, everything in our shops is top of the line. When you drive away from one of our locations, you can rest assured that your vehicle is at peak performance. What's more, our commitment to only using quality certified parts means that your repairs are made to last.

The Trusted Local Source for Exhaust Service

For us, cars are not just our work––they are our passion. Local vehicle owners have come to rely on our professional service because of our broad knowledge of the auto industry. When you take your vehicle in for an auto inspection, you can count on our knowledgeable staff to expertly identify any and all issues with it. In addition to this, our valuable industry experience and attention to detail allow us to complete your repairs wholly and efficiently.

An Auto Shop with Outstanding Customer Service

From the moment you contact us, it will be clear that we are in our own lane. We believe our dependable repairs speak for themselves, but we also back them up with the highest dedication to client satisfaction. All of our auto mechanics are helpful and friendly, and we strive to make every trip to our shops pleasant and stress-free.

The Importance of Safe Emissions

It is the job of your emissions system to direct your vehicle's fumes away from your passengers. A faulty emissions system can cause carbon monoxide and other dangerous substances to leak into your vehicle's cabin, putting the health of you and those in your car at risk.

Faulty emissions will also take a significant toll on the performance of your car.

If you suspect emissions failure, don’t wait around, contact our team for trusted repairs.

Leaders in Emissions Failure Repairs and Exhaust Systems

If you are seeking thorough and affordable emissions repairs, look no further than Performance Auto Center. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will carefully diagnose the issue at hand and complete a comprehensive repair in no time.

Our team is proud to offer top-quality services at highly competitive rates.

Emissions Failure Repair and Exhaust Repair

We provide top quality diagnostics for Emission Failures and provide quality and affordable repairs. For more information regarding your emissions test visit Illinois Air Team....LINK www.epa.state.il.us/air

Your exhaust system is more than a muffler. It is a series of pipes that run under your car connecting to your muffler and catalytic converter. The exhaust system controls noise and funnels exhaust fumes away from passengers.

In some ways, your car's exhaust system works like a chimney on a house, directing the byproducts from burning fuel away from the people inside. A car's exhaust system routes waste gases from the engine to the rear of the car, where they are released into the atmosphere. Exhaust gases contain dangerous substances (such as carbon monoxide) and can be hazardous if allowed to flow into your vehicle's cab.

The exhaust system also converts pollutants into less harmful by-products, reduces engine noise, and directs exhaust gases to heat air and fuel before the fuel goes into the engine's cylinders. Finally, the exhaust system provides the correct amount of backpressure into the engine to improve its fuel-burning efficiency and increase performance.

Key components of your exhaust system include:

Exhaust Pipes:

Designed specifically for each model, this pipe is used to properly route exhaust to the back of the vehicle.

Exhaust Manifold:

Acting like a funnel, the exhaust manifold collects the gases from all cylinders and releases them through a single opening. Some engines have two exhaust manifolds.

Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter reduces harmful emissions and transforms pollutants into water vapor and other less harmful gases.


The muffler is a metal container with holes, baffles, and chambers that reduces exhaust noise.


The resonator works with the muffler to reduce noise.

Tail Pipe:

Found at the back of the car, the tail pipe carries exhaust gases away from the vehicle.

Contact our professionals for complete exhaust system repairs.

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