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Transmission Service

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with the quality transmission service from Performance Auto Center. Our commitment to providing top-notch mechanical work at affordable rates means that you can’t go wrong when you come to our shop. We will provide you with advanced diagnostic testing and then expertly fix any problems that we discover.

To find out more and schedule your service appointment, phone us at (847) 891-7787 today.

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Schaumburg, Itasca, Elk Grove Village, Naperville, Plainfield and Aurora Transmission Service

The automatic transmission is the most complicated mechanical component in today's vehicle. The automatic transmission contains mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and computer controls that work together to power the engine to drive the wheels. With so many parts working together, this can lead to your transmission needing special attention.

Transmission maintenance leads to a longer vehicle life. Typically trouble with the transmission starts from overheating. Stop-and-go traffic, heavy pulling, struggling in the snow, hot weather, and racing can cause your transmission to overheat. At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns. Your vehicle loses lubrication and deposits inside the transmission increase. We recommend that you take your vehicle to a service technician as soon as you believe your vehicle is having transmission problems.

How to Know If Your Transmission Is Failing

It is actually quite common for vehicle owners to overlook a damaged or malfunctioning transmission. This is why we here at Performance Auto Center believe it is important to have your vehicle inspected regularly and know the warning signs of a bad transmission. If you are noticing any of the following issues with your car, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible:

  • Slipping gears when shifting
  • Strange smells from your vehicle
  • Shifting gears feels rough
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Grinding sounds or other strange noises
  • Transmission light is on

These are a few of the more obvious signs that you are having issues with your transmission. However, you can avoid costly repairs by making sure your transmission is always in top shape with regularly scheduled maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your check-up.

To prevent your transmission from damage:

  1. Check your parking space for leaks regularly. If you notice fluid deposits under your car, have one of our technicians inspect it right away.
  2. Check the transmission fluid levels and condition. Change it when necessary.
  3. Make sure you use the correct transmission fluid as specified in your owner's manual.
  4. Make sure to stop your vehicle before shifting into reverse or park.
  5. Always hold the brakes down when shifting from park.

Paying attention to your transmission will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle, save money on costly repairs, ensure smooth shifting, extend your transmission fluid's life, and help prevent leaks.

Service for Manual and Automatic Transmission

The transmission is one of the most complicated aspects of any vehicle. Fortunately, our mechanics are experts at servicing all makes and models. It doesn’t matter what type of transmission you have—you can count on us to identify any issues with it and have you back on the road smoothly.

When getting your vehicle serviced, explain any problems in as much detail as possible to our technicians. This will help us diagnose and prevent transmission issues efficiently and accurately.

Paying attention to your transmission will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle, save money on costly repairs, ensure smooth shifting, extend your transmission fluid's life, and help prevent leaks.

Quality Transmission Parts

If we have to replace any components of your transmission, you can rest assured that you will get premium replacement parts. Our goal is to provide reliable and long-lasting work, which is why we make sure that all our supplies come from top manufacturers.

Transmission Service that Fits Your Budget

Keeping your car running properly shouldn’t put you into the hole—and it doesn’t have to when you come to Performance Auto Center. We promise to always charge honest and fair prices for our professional services. What’s more, we also go the extra mile for our clients by offering convenient financing options. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you and to get a risk-free quote.

Thorough Auto Mechanics

When you bring your vehicle to one of our locations, you can rest assured that you will have a full understanding of the vehicle’s status and condition by the time you leave. Our computer diagnostics, combined with our specialized knowledge, guarantees that nothing is overlooked when inspecting your car. We promise to get to the bottom of any problems that you are facing with your transmission and give you our honest and professional recommendation. Not only that, but once we understand the work you need, we will gladly provide you with a trustworthy estimate of our rates and turnaround time.

Performance Auto Center is a Owner Operated located in two locations ELK GROVE VILLAGE, / SCHAUMBURG and Plainfield / Naperville area. At Performance Auto Center, we guarantee Auto Service, Auto Repair, Truck Service, Truck Repair and all Automotive Maintenance. Founded over 25 years ago with one goal in mind: Providing Honest, courteous, professional customer service and workmanship. We offer same day service to residents of the Elk Grove Village, Hoffman Estates, Itasca, Schaumburg, Wood Dale, Naperville Plainfield Bolingbrook and Aurora region... both locations conveniently located either 5 minutes south of Woodfield Mall or 5 minutes south of Fox Valley Mall.